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Why You Should Consider Planting Native Plants in Your Yard.

You may have a lot of exotic plants in your yard but you should also try planting native plants. Native plants are plants that grow in a particular region without human intervention. Exotic plants are slowly replacing native plants which provide the perfect habitat for a lot of wildlife in most areas. Growing these plants in your yard will give you the same benefits that exotic plants provide or even more. You can by native plants and other plants online in US as well as a variety of countrywide stores.

The use of native plants in landscape design give you the benefit of low maintenance cost. Little care is required for native plants that have been planted in their native regions because they will thrive naturally with little human intervention. By you planting native plants in your yard, you will need less fertilizers, pesticides and water because these plants are resistant to drought, diseases and pests. You will use huge amounts of money to regularly buy fertilizers for your plants and also paying for lawn maintenance services. Once native plants are planted, their deep roots enable them to survive harsh environmental conditions such as snowy winters and draught periods.

Another advantage of including native plants in your landscape is that they attract beautiful wildlife such as butterflies in our compound. This is because birds, insects and mammals find shelter in these plants in search for nectar, fruits and nuts. You can enjoy a close encounter with wild life by taking part in saving some animals and insects species from extinction through giving them shelter in your garden.

Planting native plants in your yard also contribute to soil and water conversation. Native plants prevent soil erosion through their deep roots and also stop water wastage into waterways by filtering storm water to enhance dripping into the soil rather than flooding. Native plants grow naturally with less need for spraying herbicides and pesticides and they also need less water to survive. Water systems and the soil are polluted when we use a lot of chemicals to care for the plants growing in our yards yards.

The beauty of natural diversity can also be restored through planting native plants. An area can be differentiated from other regions through a close observation of the trees and plants found in that area. You will find another town more exiting if it has plants different from what you are used at home. Planting native plants will bring some uniqueness in your garden and constantly remind you of the interesting things about the region where you live instead of planting the exotic plants are more likely to be found in each and every yard you visit.

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