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Before and After Marriage: Counseling Advice

When people someone they see worth sharing the rest of their lives with, they normally do a wedding in church. We see our relatives and friends tying the knot and we become excited for them.

The dating period is a time when couples learn the interest of one another as well as more important details about each other. They do many activities together and when they are finally ready they get married.

It is advisable for couples to go for counselling before they get married. Women and men have different roles in marriage, during this counselling period, these are the things they are taught. They are shown how to solve conflicts and how to live in harmony with each other. The relatives of the couple as well as church leaders give counselling sessions to the couple.

However, as people continue with their marriage life, they reach a point where they start losing interest in their partners. The husband and the wife start to prefer spending time away from each other. At such situations it is normal to see couples filing for divorce.

Divorce should be the last thing for any couple, it should only be considered if nothing seems to work out. Couples should consider seeking the services of a marriage counsellor to help them. Therapist sessions are conducted how they couples feels it’s best for them.

Understanding the difficult situations that the couples are going through at the moment are some of the ways the therapist will try to reconcile them. During counselling sessions the counsellor will ask the couple to say about the first days of their relationship. Some of the things that cause couples to drift away from each other are pressure and boredom, among others.

When people get married their main goal is usually happiness, companionship, satisfaction and support, when it reaches a point where those needs are not being meet, disputes between the couple will start to rise. The aim of the whole going to a marriage counsellor is to try and get back to times when the couple was happy.

You can easily find books which have been written about marriage and relationships. As part of the marriage counselling, couples are advised to read certain books that are recommended by the therapist. There are also many such books on the internet, they are ideal for people in a relationship, newly wed and anyone who is married.

After marriage, the next step for most couples is to start having babies. It is common to see parents looking for a babysitter for their children, most parents are busy with other things like work so they cannot manage to monitor their kids all the time. When looking for a babysitter before hiring one, it is advisable to do a background check on them.

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