Four Awesome Questions to Ask a Guy and Get His Attention

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Getting the attention of a guy is not always easy. Sometimes, women can find it difficult knowing what to say and how to approach a guy to gain his attention. Being prepared with awesome questions can help a woman break the ice and gain the attraction of the man she is interested in so sparks will start immediately flying. The key to gaining his attention is knowing what to ask and how to start a conversation.

Fun Questions to Get Him Talking

When it comes to gaining a man’s attention, a sense of humor helps. With these fun questions, women will have an easier time engaging a man in conversation so he will quickly become interested in her. These fun questions to ask a guy are sure to make a conversation light and fun so a woman can get to know the guy she is interested in.

  • What does he always procrastinate on? Men, like most people, love to talk about themselves. Asking a first question that leads him to talk about himself will make him feel at ease and help open up the lines of communication. This is a great starter question that most women would not ask so it will make him smile.
  • What is his favorite quote from a movie, TV show, or book? Asking this question is a fun way to start a conversation on favorite movies, books, and shows. This type of conversation does not cause any red flags to be raised and allows a woman to gain control of the conversation without causing a man to feel uneasy.
  • If he could marry any celebrity, who would he choose? Asking this question serves a two-fold purpose. First, a woman will engage the guy in fun conversation and second, she will learn what types of women he is attracted to.
  • If he suddenly became a billionaire, what is the first thing he would do? This is likely one of those questions a guy has never been asked so it can be fun. This type of question will get him thinking and help encourage further conversation.

Get Started Today

Unusual and engaging questions like these are sure to pique his interest. The important thing is to keep the conversation light and fun at first before launching into flirting.